Urban oasis

2024, Bulgaria, 11 minutes, feature

Authors: Neli Georgieva and Maria Koleva
Director: Vladimir Iliev
Cinematography: Vladimir Iliev

In times of deforestation, overproduction and pollution around the world, an oasis in urban settings shows that there is always room for a little natural beauty. A walk in the courtyard of the schoolyard will reveal to you the fairytale world of complex societies of plants and animals. Ecological balance and the secrets that nature holds can be a valuable lesson and an example of how countless species can live in symbiosis and balance. We must realize that with great power comes great responsibility and decide what legacy we will leave to our children.

Neli Georgieva and Maria Koleva

Nelly Georgieva Georgieva and Maria Dragomirova Koleva, students from 11th grade from the club “The Seventh Art” headed by Vladimir Iliev, senior IT teacher at the High School of Economics “Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski” – Stara Zagora. Club “The Seventh Art” was formed 8 years ago and gives students the opportunity to express themselves in the field of cinema.