Cats have no roots

2024, Bulgaria

Director: Anthoniy Hristov
Script: Stefan Stoykov 
Producer: Black Sea Film

Anastas (7) was left with his grandmother Fanny (65) for the summer vacation while his parents were on vacation in Spain. Nasko teams up with the children from the neighbourhood – Petyo (8) and Vesi (8) against their scary neighbour with a scar on his face – Dachko (50). After a failed attempt to ambush, they lost the sling of grandfather Dimitar (67). Determined to bring it back, little Anastas drags everyone into an awkward situation that unravels the mystery of Dachko.

Anthoniy Hristov

Antony Hristov has a bachelor’s degree in film production from the University of Bournemouth, UK, after which he graduated with a master’s degree in television and film directing from NATFA. What is specific about him is the fact that he has experience in every field of cinema, from filming and editing materials to directing and producing.