The Journal

2024, Bulgaria, 15 minutes, feature

The film was created by the club “The Seventh Art” headed by Vladimir Iliev.
Participants in the club “The Seventh Art”: Alexandra Todorova, Ali Kalash, Ivet Begova, Simona Delcheva, Slavi Stoimenov
Director: Vladimir Iliev
Cinematography: Vladimir Iliev

Between the worlds of fantasy and reality, a girl will choose a profitable activity that will cost her too much. This story is dedicated to the temptations that destiny offers us, the love and how to quickly end a friendship. Many twists and funny moments will tell you about a modern tale in which the good always wins. But not really…

Club “The Seventh art”

Club “The Seventh Art” headed by Vladimir Iliev, senior IT teacher at the High School of Economics “Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski” – Stara Zagora was formed 8 years ago and gives students the opportunity to express themselves in the field of cinema.