Silence with dignity

2020, Bulgaria, 60 minutes, documentary

Director: Adela Peeva
Script: Adela Peeva, Luciena Krumova
Cinematography: Emil Topuzov
Realized with the support of National Film Center and Culture Program of Sofia Municipality

Silence with Dignity is a documentary about the life and work of the famous Bulgarian film directors – the family Irina Aktasheva and Hristo Piskov. 
This is a story about their emblematic films and those whose implementation was stopped, about the criteria according to which under communism a film was classified as “too dangerous”, about the mechanisms of censorship, about their persistence and creative survival and about the silence charged with dignity.
The film reveals unknown details of the history of Bulgarian cinema and the relationship between the political elite and the intelligentsia at that time.

Adela Peeva

Adela Peeva was born on 23.01.1947 in Razgrad, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Academy of Film, Radio and Television in Belgrade, Serbia.

Until 1990 Adela Peeva worked as a director for TV channels in the former Yugoslavia and as a director in the Vreme Film Documentary Studio, where she made over 50 documentaries, and in Boyana Studio – where she made the feature film “The Neighbor”.


2020 – Silence with dignity
2017 – Long live Bulgaria
2014 – In Search of Spisarevski
2011 – I Dream of Old Men
2010 – The Mayor

Festivals and Awards

2020 – Golden Rhyton – Film Critics’ Award
2020 – Golden Rhyton – Award of the Bulgarian National Film Archive