2023, Bulgaria/Romania/Sweden, 27 minutes, feature, drama

Director: Maya Vitkova-Kosev
Script: Maya Vitkova-Kosev
Cinematography: Krum Rodriguez
Cast: Zhaklin Daskalova, Ivan Nikolov, Kalina Vitkova
Producer: Viktoria Films

Abandoned by her partner, thirty-year-old artist Lyubima wants to move on, but her sorrowful feeling remains there, looming as large as an African elephant… Lyubima does not see the elephant that leaves a mess on her carpet… She does not even suspect that the elephant takes up most of her bedroom while she is asleep… In her dream, she calls on the elephant for help… Her way finally to begin anew is by giving her love-memories, along with her grief, back to her ex.

Maya Vitkova-Kosev

Maya Vitkova-Kosev is a scriptwriter, director, and producer. In 2008, she was the executive producer of Kamen Kalev’s Eastern Plays. In 2009, she founded Viktoria Films. She directed and produced two shorts scripted by Radu Jude, Stanka Goes Home and My Tired Father. Her debut film, Viktoria, was the first Bulgarian feature to compete at the Sundance Film Festival.


2023 – Lyubima
2014 – Viktoria
2011 – My Tired Father
2010 – Stanka Goes Home