The Avenger

2023, Bulgaria, 77 minutes, documentary

Director: Ralitsa Dimitrova
Script: Toni Nikolov
Cinematography: Plamen Gerasimov
Cast: Elena Ivanova, Boyan Petrov, Nikola Stoyanov, Angelina Slavova, Mariela Topalova, Sirma Kancheva, Radoslav Radev, Dr. Petko Kabakchiev, Eduard Hadjolyan
Producer: “B PLUS FILM”
Coproducer: “SONUS”, Archives State Agency

Heroine or terrorist? A film about the dramatic fate of Mara Buneva. 

How and why did an ordinary woman of the early twentieth century become a terrorist, ready to avenge her enslaved homeland? A heroine, a cold-blooded murderer, an obsessive follower of the Macedonian cause – so many definitions of Mara Buneva that give a fragmentary idea of this little-known woman. The film will bring together the few facts and widely circulated legends about her life to guide us to reflect on the anguish of the bombers and their dramatic destinies.


Born on 7.06.1962 in Sofia. She graduated film directing at VGIK Moscow. She worked as an assistant director at the Boyana Film Festival, director at the Vreme Documentary and Science Film Studio, director at the Bulgarian National Television. Since 1999 he has been working as a freelance director and screenwriter.

Screenwriter and director of many documentaries and popular science films, children’s and music TV shows and films, corporate commercials and videos. Author of articles for various newspapers and magazines; author and director of radio plays.

Her films have participated in festivals in Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Japan, Portugal, Lithuania, Armenia, Spain, USA, Spain, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, India, Serbia and others.


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