Nestinarka: The Pivotal Meeting Between Marin Goleminov and Tsanko Lavrenov

2024, Bulgaria, 30 minutes, documentary

Director: Elisaveta Stantcheva, Jassen Haralampiev
Script: Elisaveta Stantcheva
Cinematography: Jassen Haralampiev
Featuring: Liliya Goleminova, Lavren Petrov, Aneliya Dimitrova, Vera Kirova, Silvia Tomova
Producer: Lavren Petrov

More than eight decades ago, the mystical tale of the fate of a young fire-dancer inspired the composer, Marin Goleminov. He wrote music that quickly brought him national fame. Over the years, with every next production, the fire-dancing horo engages in its rhythm more and more talented artists.

In the movie “Nestinarka. The Pivotal Meeting Between Marin Goleminov and Tsanko Lavrenov” the valuable documentary footage from the great meeting of the two artists is colourfully complemented by the memories of the prima ballerina Vera Kirova.  In 1968 she played the tragic image of the fire-dancer Demna, and her story in time continues the prima ballerinas Silvia Tomova and Anelia Dimitrova.

And while the State Opera of Stara Zagora is preparing another performance of the dance drama, the composer’s and artist’s heirs look at the past, traces the history of “Nestinarka” and share previously unknown archival materials.

The documentary “Nestinarka. The Pivotal Meeting of Marin Goleminov and Tsanko Lavrenov” is the third film of the tandem Elisaveta Stancheva and Jassen Haralampiev, which was part of the official selection in numerous international festivals.

Elisaveta Stantcheva

Elisaveta Stantcheva is an art historian, exhibition curator, film scriptwriter, and director. She has authored a series of publications focusing on the works of various Bulgarian artists. Her latest book is dedicated to one of the most significant Greek artists of his era, Giorgos Gounaropoulos, who was born in Sozopol. Elisaveta is also the scriptwriter and director of the documentary films ‘Hristo Berberov: Portrait of an Artist,’ ‘Giorgos Gоunaropoulos from Sozopol,’ and ‘Nestinarka: The Pivotal Meeting Between Marin Goleminov and Tsanko Lavrenov,’ all completed in collaboration with Jassen Haralampiev.

Jassen Haralampiev

Jassen Haralampiev is a video artist who has contributed to the creation of numerous local and international productions. In addition to his expertise in special effects, he serves as a director and producer of documentary films. His documentary works have garnered considerable national acclaim, having been screened multiple times in Bulgarian cinemas.