Giorgos Gounaropoulos From Sozopol

2023, Bulgaria, 27 minutes, documentary 

Director: Elisaveta Stantcheva
Script: Elisaveta Stantcheva
Cinematography: Jassen Haralampiev
Narrator: Todor Georgiev
Featuring: Katerina Nezi, Maria Gоunaropоulou, Despina Gоunaropoulou, Radost Georgieva, Aspasia Porozhanova
Producer: Jassen Haralampiev
The film was made with the support of: Eugeni Stantchev, Maria and Despina Gounaropoulou, Municipality of Sozopol

Giorgos Gounaropoulos stands as one of the most significant Greek artists of his era. Hailing from the shores of the Black Sea in Sozopol, he departed from his father’s home at the dawn of the 20th century, never to return.

In her desire to delve into her own heritage, his great-granddaughter embarks on her first visit to the coastal town. However, does the world of the artist’s childhood still linger in that place?

One thing remains unequivocal – his memories, awash with waves, mythical sea creatures, ethereal woodlands, and the silhouettes of nymphs, find their ongoing narrative on his canvases.

As an exhibition featuring Gounaropoulos’ creations takes shape within the Art Gallery, the citizens of Sozopol traverse through time, antiquated maps and tomes chronicling the town’s history.This story pays homage to the memories and to GIORGOS GOUNAROPOULOS FROM SOZOPOL.

Elisaveta Stantcheva

Elisaveta Stantcheva is an art historian, exhibition curator, film scriptwriter, and director. She has authored a series of publications focusing on the works of various Bulgarian artists. Her latest book is dedicated to one of the most significant Greek artists of his era, Giorgos Gounaropoulos, who was born in Sozopol. Elisaveta Stantcheva is also the scriptwriter and director of the documentary films “Hristo Berberov: Portrait of an Artist,” “Giorgos Gunaropoulos from Sozopol,” and “Fire Dancer: The Pivotal Meeting Between Marin Goleminov and Tsanko Lavrenov.”