False Start

2023, Bulgaria, 10 minutes, feature, comedy, romance

Director: Marin Rangelov
Script: Marin Rangelov
Cinematography: Mladen Minev
Cast: Kaloyan Minev, Lora Hristova
Producer: Marin Rangelov

A boy tries to impress a beautiful girl at a party with a risky plan of action, but she doesn’t understand anything because of a language barrier. When he shares his true emotions, he discovers her secret, and their conversation takes an unexpected and funny turn.

Marin Rangelov

Marin Rangelov graduated in Acting for Drama Theatre from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, in the last class of Prof. Stefan Danailov. He then acquired two MA degrees, in Film Directing and Producing Film and Television, at New Bulgarian University.