2023, Bulgaria, 102 minutes, feature, drama

Director: Ivan Vladimirov
Script: Boyan Biolchev
Cinematography: Rumen Vasilev
Cast: Svejen Mladenov, Evelina Bibova, Matey Michev, Dobrin Dosev, Velislav Pavlov, Stanislav Peev, Lyudmila Slaneva, Lyubomir Bachvarov
Producer: Miramar Film

The beginning of the 19th century. Chorbadji Yurdan and his son Yono returned home and found the plague raging in the Bulgarian lands. The way home is strewn with burning villages, robbers, chaos, and fear. And Yono is in a hurry to get married. His fiancée Elitsa is waiting for him – brave and faithful, she anticipates the danger. The villagers are hungry and scared. Fear can turn violent in seconds.

Will love and the thirst for life succeed in overcoming horror and madness? Black scourge will bring out the worst and best in human nature. 

The end of this journey is as rich and sudden as life itself!  

Ivan Vladimirov

Ivan Vladimirov graduated film and television directing in the class of prof. Georgi Dyulgerov at NATFA. His first short film “Walsowe and Tanga ot selo Bela Voda” (2007) was selected at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival. Together with Valery Yordanov, he co-directed “Sneakers”, which in 2011 won the Special Prize of Russian Film Clubs at the Moscow Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize of Golden Rose Festival. For his latest film “Stseni ot zhivota na edna aktrisa” (2020) he received the awards for best screenplay and directing at the Golden Rose Festival. He teaches dramaturgy and film directing at the SWU Blagoevgrad.


2023 – Plague
2020 – Stseni ot zhivota na edna aktrisa
2011 – Sneakers