2022, Poland, 125 minutes, feature, war, history, drama

Director: Michal Kwiecinski
Script: Michal Kwiecinski, Michal Matejkiewicz
Cinematography: Michal Sobocinski
Cast: Eryk Kulm, Victor Meutelet, Caroline Hartig, Zoe Straub, Sandra Drzymalska
Producer: Michal Kwiecinski, Patryk Peridis, Krystyna Swieca

In 1943, a Polish Jew, who managed to escape from the Warsaw ghetto, is waiting restaurant tables in Frankfurt while pretending to be French and taking revenge on the Nazis in his own unique way.

Michal Kwiecinski

Mihail Kwiecinski is a Polish director and producer born on 1 May 1951 in Warsaw. In his career, he has produced over 50 different projects, as a director he participated in 14 film projects, and as a screenwriter in 7.


2022 – Filip
2018 – Love is Everything
2017 – Bodo
2007 – Jutro idziemy do kina
2006 – Statysci

Festivals and Awards

2023 – Mykolaichuk OPEN Audience Film Festival – Festival Audience Prize
2022 – Polish Film Festival – Best Feature Film
2022 – Polish Film Festival – Best Cinematography