Deafening Silence

2023, Bulgaria, 53 minutes, documentary

Director: Stanislav Donchev
Script: Petya Alexandrova, Teodora Stoilova-Doncheva
Cinematography: Stanislav Donchev, Stefan Boyadzhiev
Producer: Dynamic Arts – Stanislav Donchev, Teodora Stoilova – Doncheva

Tsveti, a Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics World champion, attempts a suicide, the day she was supposed to go to the Olympics, 2016. We follow the journey of her recovery, but there is still one more battle to win – to mend her soul in distress. A story that helps us not to judge people who commits suicide and see them as “one of us”

Stanislav Donchev

Stanislav Donchev is born on October 27th, 1978. He shoots his first short film on VHS when he is 12 years old. With his student film “Wanted” he won several awards, including “Golden rose” 2000 and “Bitter cup”. He has graduated a master’s degree in film and TV directing at New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria and was voted “Student of the year” in 2000. He is a member of the Bulgarian filmmaker union, The Union of film and TV directors. Stanislav had been a lecturer in New Bulgarian University from 2003 to 2014.


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