Apostol: A Gentle Knight In Brutalia

2023, Bulgaria, 83 minutes, feature

Director: Peter Rusev
Script: Peter Rusev
Cinematography: Elena Nikolaeva, Georgi Stavrev
Cast: Georgi Gotsin, Stanka Kalcheva, Katalin Stareishinska, Ovanes Torosyan, Georgi Vachev, Troyan Gogov, Peter Toskov, Peter Rusev, Todor Darlyanov, Gergana Hristova, Milko Yovchev, Damyan Zdravkov, Vasil Grancharov
Producer: Doli Media Studio – Dobromir Chochov; Gallant Spirit Productions – Georgi Gotsin, Peter Rusev

Apostol, one of the most talented young poets in his country, suffers from a severe headache that renders him unable to work. Guided in his dreams by his idols—Apollinaire and the Bulgarian poet Debelyanov—Apostol tries to find his way back to the beauty of poetry and the bliss of life. Believing that he is saving his family, Apostol passes undergoes a series of trials, confronting the cynical and mocking representatives of Brutalia. He reveals his selflessness and willingness to sacrifice, ignoring the neurologist’s grim diagnosis; but can this knight with no armour cope with the modern world?

Peter Rusev

Peter Rusev graduated in Film Directing from the European Film College, Denmark. He scripted and directed The Boxes, a short film made at Lars von Trier’s film company, Zentropa; was director of the TV drama series, Glass House, and the award-winning short novella, Night Lights and Running Fish, shown at international festivals. Apostol: A Gentle Knight in Brutalia is his first feature film.